Confidence means feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Since childhood we have hearing that one can be really good or perfect if he/she is confident. But we find many people seeking how someone is confident or how to be confident.. here is my opinion about confidence.

No one is innate confident or blessed with it rather it’s all about preparation. Whenever we see leaders giving great speech we will be like what a confidence but actually that confidence came from preparation. Before giving speech they practice it many times and thus they became prepared which made them confident.

Let me share you school days experience. Whenever teacher asks questions and if you know the answer then deep inside you will be like oh please ask me this but whenever teacher ask question whose answer you don’t know then you will be like , oh gosh please don’t even look at me. We are confident enough when we know the answer but when we don’t know answer we aren’t confident. This shows that confidence comes automatically when we are at our comfort or when we know details. To be comfort or to know detail also one should be prepared.

So confidence is all about preparation. So if you want to present yourself confident then be prepared.


Implementation : major catastrophe in Nepal

In March I went to my birthplace Ramechhap and I was expecting a lot of changes as compare to my previous visit 2 years back but I was not really satisfied. Now Nepal has most stable government in history and moreover federal system is introduced with local level government so it’s obvious that one really seek for change. Government of Nepal has introduced one village one product policy to escalate agricultural development and on that policy my village duty is to produce junar as it is famous for junar and even weather and soil is best for its production. It was awful when you know that villagers were unknown about that. Most of the lands were barren and one can rarely see junar being cultivated. OVOP is really a great policy to promote agricultural sector and to help farmers earn money but villagers unknown about policy precisely shows that our government is actually lacking in implementation.

There are many more examples where we can behold such things. Out of many first let’s go to economy, MTEF ( mid term expenditure framework) has been adopted in policy to improve budget system but in practice we can rarely find that. Also in 2062 bs expenditure commission was formed to reform accounting system and it suggested government to adopt Accrual accounting system but now its already 2075 and even government hadn’t adopted that.

Now let’s move to education, in order to improve medical education dr govinda kc went on for hunger strike and then government form Mathema commission and it provide report to government and government again didn’t implement it exactly the way report suggests.

In nutshell, not being able to implement policy had been major failure of government. It is said that action speaks louder than words so its high time to bring the change.